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Starting from $30/m

90-day money-back guarantee

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Plans & Pricing

Deluxe Payroll prices their services based on two factors:

  • Your pay periods (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly)
  • The number of employees you have

Deluxe doesn’t show exact pricing on its website. You have to contact them by filling out their form to find out your exact pricing. Also, Deluxe will set up your payroll and transfer your data from another payroll provider for free. They offer a 90-day money-back guarantee as well, so you have time to try their services.

Small Business

Starting from $30/m

90-day money-back guarantee


Deluxe is an Ontario, Canada-based company that provides numerous technology-based services to businesses, ranging from digital marketing to operations and more.

In 2016, they acquired a leading Maryland-based payroll firm called Payce Payroll to expand into the payroll services space. Thanks to this acquisition, Deluxe now offers excellent payroll services to small businesses in the US and Canada. Read our Deluxe Payroll review to learn more about the service.


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Features and Functionality

Customizable Pay Grid

Every business is different. Thus, customizability is a huge plus in business software. Deluxe Payroll is obviously aware of this — they offer a completely customizable pay grid. You’ll have more control over the metrics that matter most to you in terms of payroll.


Tax Penalty Protection

Taxes are tough. Handing them off to anyone, even an expert, can be nerve-wracking. What if they make mistakes that lead you to owing penalties? Other companies offer some form of tax penalty guarantee — meaning they’ll pay for any penalties caused by their errors — although it may only be up to a particular amount.

Fortunately, Deluxe appears to offer a 100% tax penalty guarantee no matter what. With Deluxe, there’s no need to worry about being on the hook for fines or penalties with the IRS or state tax authorities.


Setup and Reconciliation Included

Almost every payroll company offers setup help in some capacity. After all, payroll is complicated.

But Deluxe offers to do it all for free, regardless of how much you’re paying them. They’ll get everything set up, upload your information, and reconcile your payroll at no charge so you can run it with ease.


Payroll Reporting

This is another feature that every payroll firm has, but Deluxe simply does better in. It offers over 200 different reports on nearly any item you might want to report on. Accessing reports is easy and highly secure, thanks to Deluxe’s online platform MyPayCenter.

Integrations & Add-ons

Deluxe has partnerships with plenty of companies that offer business software — meaning there’s a good chance you can integrate your favorite tools with Deluxe and streamline your operations. For instance, Deluxe integrates with numerous Point-of-Sale solutions. These include products like Aloha, Digital Dining, Par, Posi, RMS Touch, and more.

Additionally, you can link your Deluxe data to several accounting software solutions. These include Quickbooks, Great Plains, SAGE, Microsoft Dynamics, and others. Deluxe also states that you can contact them to see if any tool not listed on their site is available for integration. If not, they’ll let you know if they’re able to create an integration for you.

Customer Support


Phone Support

Phone support is available, although Deluxe isn’t clear on time or day range.


Live Online Chat

You can chat live with customer support agents.



Email support is available to all customers and you can expect a reply within a few hours.



Deluxe has plenty of articles, guides, videos, events, and other resources to help you learn more about payroll and HR.

Final Word

Deluxe offers plenty of customizability so you can make the software work for you. It contains all the payroll features you need and provides tons of payroll reports. To help you streamline operations further, Deluxe offers plenty of integrations with PoS and accounting software.

Along with all this, Deluxe uses top-notch security protocols to keep your sensitive company data safe. If you ever need help, there are a few support resources you can access. Overall, Deluxe is an excellent payroll choice for businesses in a variety of industries — and in several sizes.


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